USB Cable with JST PHR 2mm pitch connectors.
(Pin header to pin header cable).

USB  PHR-4 or PHR-5 to PHR 4/5 2mm pitch cable

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USB 2.0 shielded cable.
Custom lengths available.

Connector 1 PHR-4 or PHR-5
Connector 2 PHR-4 or PHR-5

Connector configuration

These cables have JST PHR connectors at both ends.
The connectors are normally configured as shown below.
Custom configurations available.

PHR 4 or PHR 5 connector
Pin 1:  +5V
Pin 2:  Data-
Pin 3:  Data+
Pin 4:  Ground and shield ground.
Pin 5: NC (not required as shield is connected to pin 4).